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Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer

买滚球app is the largest stand-alone dedicated zinc die casting manufacturer in North America. We are a full-service zinc die caster that offers precision zinc die castings to customers globally. We utilize standard and custom-designed hot chambered die casting machines to offer you competitive and quality products.


Zinc die casting alloys are versatile engineering materials. 作为一个结果, no other alloy system provides the combination of strength, 性能, and economical castability.  Listed are zinc alloy attributes which can potentially reduce component costs and/or improve you design 性能.  This information will serve as a guide to help designers understand the capabilities of zinc die cast alloys for product applications. Click the button below to “阅读更多” about the ZINC Advantages.

  • 强度 & 延性
  • 韧性
  • 刚性
  • 消火花
  • 轴承性能
  • 很容易完成
  • 切削加工性能
  • 工具寿命长



How much draft is required?


What 锌合金 should I use?


Can Deco help with Prototyping?


What finishes are available?


Do you accept tooling transfers?


Die Casting 服务

Zinc Die Cast Mounting Bracket

Deco utilizes standard and custom designed hot chamber zinc die casting machines.

买滚球app Powder Coating Line

Deco has a state of the art dual line powder coating system to provide a durable finish to your products.

CNC 加工锌 Die Casting

CNC milling and turning available along with various stand alone machines to provide product that meets your specifications.

买滚球app Sash Lock Assembly Line

We can supply your product completely assembled or kitted to simplify logistics and/or reduce cost.

Die Casting 功能

买滚球app CMM machine

Most importantly, for Deco, quality is a given, not a requirement.

Image of Zinc Die Cast Tool

Our team will work to ensure that the tool design is optimized for quality, manufacturability and lower cost.

Zinc Die Cast Money Clip - Thin Wall

Deco can help you with a path to prototype your product and meet your timeline requirements.

Image of Zinc Die Cast Tool

Deco can adapt to your specific requirements, so you can have a seamless transition into production.

Image of Cleaning Zinc Die Cast Tooling

Deco carefully maintains your tools to maximize the tool’s life expectancy.

Zinc Die Cast Crank Handle for 窗口

Functional or Decorative plating finishes are available to meet your product requirements.

买滚球app Zinc Die Cast Launder Line

Our commitment to excellence has made us a supplier of precision zinc die cast parts to customers all over the world. With over 60 years of experience, we have the ability to design and produce the most challenging components.

Deco, is a Midwest zinc die casting manufacturer with about 86 die casting machines. Located within our 150,000 square foot facility, our hot chamber machines have locking forces ranging from 14 tons to 500 tons. 因此, allowing us to partner with leading companies who are looking for excellent capacity and versatility while maintaining competitive pricing.


Zinc Die Cast Foot Latch


Precise Zinc Die Casting

Powder Coated Zinc Die Cast Power Housing


Powder Coated Zinc Die Castings

Zinc Die Cast Fuze Body


Machined Zinc Die Castings

Zinc Die Cast 1/4 Turn Latch


Precise Zinc Die Casting Assemblies

Powder Coated Zinc Die Cast Sash Lock for 窗口

窗口 & 门

Zinc Die Casting for 窗口 & 门的硬件